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Photo Project eBook - Free Download

What Does One Do With Their Photo Projects?

In the last few months I’ve posted several times about the photo project I was working on. More specifically, I wanted to make photo art from a pair of Asian statuettes that had belonged to my mother, who passed away in 2018. The statuettes were her prized physical possession.

So what does one do when a photography project is completed in order to keep it from just ‘fermenting’ on your hard drive? In this instance I decided that a good way to share the work would be to make it into an eBook (which I have completed) and a folio (which I am close to completing). I have decided to share the eBook with anyone that would like to see the project. For a free download of the book click here, or on the image below (which is the cover of the book).

I would like to ask (no obligation whatsoever - you can download the eBook without doing so) that you consider signing up for my newsletter (which has been pretty quiescent, but which I would like to send out perhaps once a quarter) and/or to subscribe to my blog using the link right below the image of the book cover.

I do hope you will enjoy the eBook……feedback is welcomed!