About Howard

Howard Grills biography and photography curriculum vitae, including where his artwork has been exhibited, purchased, or published.

About Howard

Howard Grill, photographer

I developed an interest in photography at a young age and asked (it was really more like a demand) for a camera and basic black and white darkroom setup as my grade school graduation present.  My parents gave in to this request and, armed with a Beseler Topcon SLR (which I still own) and various pieces of darkroom equipment, I proceeded to take over my family's basement.

Following a period of incessant photographing in high school, my photography took a hiatus while I attended various institutions of higher learning, emerging in 1990 as an interventional cardiologist.

In 2003, I rediscovered my passion for photography, which has become an important part of my life and my mode of self expression.  My only regret is having put the camera down for so long a period of time.

A self-taught photographer, I have attended multiple photography workshops and courses and have long ago converted over from the wet darkroom to digital imaging processes.

My artwork has been exhibited, published or purchased by:

  • The Pittsburgh Center For The Arts
  • Silver Eye Center For Photography, PA 
  • The Center For Fine Art Photography, CO 
  • Cardthartic Greeting Cards
  • Red Shell Records
  • be Gallery, Lawrenceville, Pennsylvania
  • The Hering Gallery, Rochester, Minnesota
  • Framesmith Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA
  • PhotoPlace Gallery, Middlebury, Vermont
  • The Manchester Craftsmen's Guild, PA
  • Charlotte News And Observer
  • Spokane International Airport
  • Pittsburgh Public Library
  • Excela Health System
  • Allegheny General Hospital
  • Starbucks
  • B&W Magazine
  • Color Magazine
  • Nature Photographer Magazine
  • Shutterbug
  • Orchids
  • Whisper In The Woods Nature Journal
  • the 37th Frame
  • Digital Outback Photo