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Sun Ball

Since Sunday was a rainy day, I went with some friends to our usual ‘nasty day’ photographic haven, Phipps Conservatory. The display is going to be changing over to to the Fall Flower Show fairly soon and I had photographed the current show several times already. But the ‘Sun Balls’, as they are known, was something I hadn’t previously noticed. Or maybe they just hadn’t been in bloom yet.

Sun Ball or ‘Craspedia globosa’

Sun Ball or ‘Craspedia globosa’


These lovely flowers are native to Australia and New Zealand and are perennials. Their common names are ‘Sun Balls’ or ‘Billy Buttons’.

I thought it would be interesting to show what the scene looked like before I isolated the flower and processed it to give the look I was trying to achieve. The cell phone shot I took of the scene is posted below. I often take cell shots like this when at the conservatory so that I can reference the names of the plants after the shoot.