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Musical Interlude: The Joy Of Creation

It's been a while since I've posted one of my musical interludes!

Lately, I have been taking some inspiration from the music of Jimi Hendrix. It's hard, when you are feeling 'uncreative', to get the energy to go shoot or create in Photoshop. But if you listen to Hendrix (and of course you've got to turn it up), it's difficult for his explosive energy to not have an effect on you....well it is for me anyway. It' gets you wanting to do what it is that you do to express yourself, and for me that's photography.

And even better, he seems to have a pure joy in creating. I am sharing the video below not because it's his best music (Wild Thing was originally written by The Troggs, although Hendrix made it even more famous), or because the sound on the recording is particularly good (it's from 1967 and the sound quality totally sucks), but because I see something in Jimi's face. The joy of creating is what I see. The joy of experimenting with what sounds he can draw out of his guitar. Do you see it as well?

Here is a link to a description of an NPR episode that also has a wonderful short video about the album 'Are You Experienced?' being one of the most influential albums of our times and its induction into the Library of Congress National Recording Registry. You an watch that here. It is definitely one worth watching.

And you don't want to miss the story that Paul McCartney tells about Hendrix playing Sgt. Pepper either:

Be inspired to create!

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