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NIK Software Lives!

The photographic community has, for many months, been lamenting the fact that Google decided to let the NIK Plug-Ins for Photoshop die on the vine after having acquired them from NIK Software in 2012. Google proceeded to slowly lower the price from $500 all the way to $0 in 2016. Then in May it was announced that Google would no longer develop, update, or support the software....relegating it to a slow death as computer operating systems and Photoshop itself changed over the years.

I am a big fan of NIK, use all their plug-ins, and have been pleased that the software has continued to work for me all the way through Windows 10 and Photoshop CC 2018. But, still, I knew I would have to give it up at some point. OnOne had even written a guide for NIK users as to what filters in OnOne software were similar to specific NIK filters in order to aid with migration to their product.

Well I am pleased, as I am sure many others also are, that NIK isn't dead yet!!

The NIK software has been acquired by DxO and DxO plans to continue with development and support and even plans to release a new version in 2018. So NIK seems to have been resuscitated and is alive and well.  It can be downloaded for free (at the current time) from the DxO website. If you aren't already a user, you had better get it while it is still free. Download it here.

On that same page you can also sign up to be informed by e-mail when the new 2018 version is released. I'm not a betting man but, if I had to bet, I would guess that the new version will no longer be free as a stand alone Photoshop plug-in but perhaps be incorporated for free into other DxO processing products.

The full details can be had on the PetaPixel website.

For my next five posts, I plan to show entries 6-10 of my Empathy Project audio interviews and portraits of patients.

by Howard G

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