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Projects II

In my post entitled "Projects", I talked about what can be done to garner an audience for your project utilizing my "Floral Forms" project as an example.  In that post I had discussed physical prints and in this post will discuss digital media opportunities. Website:

I plan on putting the project on my website.  Pretty straightforward!


Here is where it gets both interesting and challenging based on the various options and software.  I do plan to make an e-Book out of the project. But in what format? For various reasons, mostly involving software choices, I have decided to go with the PDF format.  But one could also construct an e-Book in the proper format to sell or distribute as an app for the i-Pad.  And if one wanted to, multimedia options can be added, like I did for my Carrie Furnace e-Book.

But here is the most intriguing aspect of the e-book project for me.  I am going to be collaborating with a writer that I have never met in 'real life'.  She is, among other things, a poet who I have corresponded with on-line after reading some of the truly wonderful poems she wrote to accompany her own photographs. After some discussion she has started writing poems specifically for the photos that I want to include in the e-Book.

I am invigorated by the project for a number of reasons. She is a wonderful poet and her words will add a new dimension to the photos and the book, the poems are going to be written specific to the individual images, and I think the idea of working with someone who you have met solely through social media is truly a sign of the times.   More on this to come.....