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I know that I said my next post was going to talk about using electronic media to try to find an audience for my Floral Forms project.  But I thought that I would delay that until next time in order to share something that I ran across.  More specifically, a blog post by photographer Chuck Kimmerle that I found inspirational.  The post was entitled "Stop Worrying About People Liking Your Work And Create, Dammit!" and can be read here. A brief quote from the post:

And for artists, especially photographers, the surest path to mediocrity, the GUARANTEED path, is to let that external validation affect and influence our work. By doing so, we give control of our art to others. We lose our voice, and we lose our points of view. We stop interpreting the randomness we may witness, instead reproducing what we think will be popular. Our art becomes generic and bland and meaningless. Welcome to mediocrity.

Chuck Kimmerle

Definitely worth a trip over to his blog to have a read about the importance of finding one's own voice!