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By Howard Grill Sometimes one discovers a photograph inadvertently.  Or, as one of my friends is apt to say,  perhaps the photograph finds you.  The point is that unless you are open to the unexpected it really is quite easy to walk pass that photograph or not hear it calling your name.  I should know, I am sure I do it all the time!

But when I am open and allow myself to find the unexpected, I find myself wishing I could allow that to happen more frequently.

Case in point.  Several months back I was out with a friend trying to make interesting photographs of the Smithfield Street Bridge.  But it wasn't happening. The creative process just wasn't moving forward up at the bridge.  That happens.

While I was walking back to my car, I happened to notice three backlit wine bottles in a restaurant window. It was somewhat strange that I even noticed them, as they were several feet above the level of my head.  I walked past them and came back.  I was drawn by the backlighting which, through the glass, looked like a thousand suns....and, being a fan of The Doors, the lyrics from Waiting For The Sun went through my head:

"Can you feel it now that Spring has come.

And it's time to live in the scattered sun"

And thus......

Three Bottles

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