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May The Muse Be With You!

This post, in many ways, seems like a good follow up to my prior post on Receptivity. I am intrigued how sometimes one can visit the same location and really 'see' and at other times find nothing to photograph at the exact same spot.

Just last weekend I went to the local conservatory for my Sunday morning photo session with my friends .  From the start I felt the creative muse joining me.  It seemed the exact opposite of those days when you go to photograph and just feel ahead of time that you aren't going to have vision and you know there won't be any keepers. It happens.

This time, however, I started seeing images everywhere I looked.  I started seeing compositions in multiple locations.  I found the image I made below the most interesting of the bunch for one simple reason. I had passed by these same flowers several weeks in a row and could not find a way to photograph them.  No interesting compositions. Nothing.  It was difficult to photograph them because they are actually quite flat and relatively two-dimensional.

But, today was different.  I found many ways to photograph them and took several photographs that I like quite a bit.  But the one below is my favorite.

I saw a rocket ship with fins.  I saw laundry blowing in the wind.  I saw pink banners.  The point is that I saw...... I guess that happens when the muse walks with you.

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