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Winter Wimp

I admit it... I'm a winter wimp.  Every winter I tell myself that I am going to get out to the local areas that I enjoy photographing during  the spring, summer, and fall in order to get some different images.  Most years I end up not doing it.  Why?  Because I hate the cold! I haven't gone out once this year to make photos in the snow.  As I look out of my kitchen window, there is probably 4-6 inches of snow on the ground and the thought of going out in it when I don't have to is enough to make me cringe.  I also find it distracting and hard to concentrate on photographing when I am uncomfortable.  I can't be the only one though.  I frequently go shooting on Sunday with a group of fellow photographers who decide ahead of time where to go... and we haven't ended up outdoors once in the snow.  You know who you are out there and you are just as bad as me  :>)

And yet, I do enjoy looking at beautiful winter photos.  And there is something about the covering of snow that removes distractions and adds a more graphic, clean-lined quality to an image.  Living in a location that has four distinct seasons also adds incredible variety to photographing locally as things are always changing.

And so I am using this opportunity to publicly state that I will get out at least once, if not more than that, this winter to photograph in the snow and post some winter photos.  And if I don't you can all harass me.

In the meantime, let me share a photo or two from those relatively rare times during past winters that I have managed to get myself out in the cold.  Check back, as I have a feeling that there will be some winter shots from this year coming.

In the meantime........Go Steelers!

McConnell's Mill State Park

Icy River

Copyright Howard Grill

Mellon Park, Pittsburgh, PA


Copyright Howard Grill

Snow Covered Staircase, McConnell's Mill State Park, Portersville, PA

"Walking Into Winter"

Copyright Howard Grill