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More Gargoyles

I have previously posted several images of gargoyles that I have taken and converted to black and white and subsequently sepia toned.  My specific interest in the gargoyle images is that each one seems to convey a distinct emotion, and I found that the sepia toned images really tend to bring that out by removing the 'distraction' of color.  Over time, and if I can find enough gargoyles that express specific emotions,  I hope to assemble a series with the images named after the underlying expression. The latest one that  I have been working on is entitled 'Intimidation'



Copyright Howard Grill

Some of the prior gargoyles in this series (to view a larger image on my website with additional information about gargoyles click on the title) include:

Angry Gargoyle


Mischievous Gargoyle


Innocent Appearing Gargoyle