The Carrie Furnace II

A view of the cast room at The Carrie Furnace.  The audio clip describes the dangers involved with working in this area of the facility as molten iron poured forth when the furnace was opened and drained.

The Cast Room at The Carrie Furnace.

The Carrie Furnace II

The large structure towards the back of this image is one of the site's two remaining furnaces. There were once seven such furnaces in use and the facility was able to generate uo to 1250 tons of iron on a daily basis.

The audio segment descibes the scene when the furnace was opened at its base and molten iron flowed into the troughs seen in the photo. The molten metal would be directed through the troughs and into 'torpedo cars' which would take the liquid iron across the river to the Homestead Works, where it was used in steel production.

Opening the furnace was a somewhat dangerous event and it was not unusual for the workers shoes to catch on fire. In that case they would simply squirt them down with the nearest water hose, as described in the accompanying audio clip!