Locker Room - The Carrie Furnace

The workmens locker room at The Carrie Furnace.  The audio clip describes how the men left their possessions behind in their lockers thinking they were going to be able to return to work after a short period of time. That was not to be.

Locker Room

The workmen's locker room at the Carrie Furnace.  

This was the locker room that Mr. Gault himself, who was interviewed for this project, used during the years he worked at the Carrie Furnace. In the audio segment associated with this image he tells

how the laborers were not told they were being laid off and were given the impression that they would be back at work in 6 weeks. The workers left personal items in their lockers thinking they would be coming back. Those items were all stolen by vandals years ago and the lockers were barren by the time I arrived.

As Mr. Gault puts it, "everything you owned were in those lockers".