Carrie Furnace - Audio Extra

The Carrie Furnace With Audio Content

After completing my Carie Furnace Portfolio, I found myself wanting to learn more.  The images had me asking myself the question "What was it really liked to have worked there?".  After some investigation, I was able to meet with Mr. Ron Gault, a man who had worked as an electrician at Carrie in the 1970s. He was kind enough to accept an invitation to my home for an interview.  

I was a little uncertain as to how to interview him, but things rapidly became apparent.  He allowed me to record him, and as I showed him my Carrie Furnace photos he immediately began to reminisce about working there in his youth. Each photo brought forth interesting and often amusing anecdotes about what was in each image.  I found it fascinating.

After obtaining permission from him to use the interview on this website, I edited it into multiple short clips to go with the images.  Most, but not all, of the images in the portfolio have accompanying audio clips.  The Carrie Furnace Gallery contains all the images with links to the audio pages (click on the gray 'i' in the upper right of each slide in the show to learn more and to be offered a link to the audio).  However, if you would like to see just the images with audio content and be able to play the audio right from the same page then you can  START HERE.