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Cuyahoga National Park

Sometimes it takes me quite a while to get around to processing photographs that I have taken.  How long?  Well this one that caught me eye is from....2009!  And looking back in the folders I saved from this trip to Cuyahoga National Park, I found quite a few images that I really like.  I sort of just tucked them away and never edited or ranked them.  By the way, Cuyahoga, located in Ohio, was designated as a national park in 2000 and is America's smallest, weighing in at 20,339 acres.

I have many photos from years gone by which I have never really gotten a chance to go through.  It's like those papers at the bottom of that big pile on your desk.  They were important, but you got along without them. I think there is a wealth of material for me to work on buried in deep crevices and nooks and crannies!  I will ultimately need to sort through them all.  Ultimately.


Fall Foliage In Cuyahoga National Park    © Howard Grill