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Mirrorless vs dSLR

I had been thinking for some time about purchasing the Sony A7RII, but ultimately decided not to. That decision was not so much because of the cost of the camera, but because of the cost of buying a full complement of native mount lenses. Sure, it is possible to use a Canon to Sony adapter, but that carries its own set of problems.  In addition, as the highest quality lenses started to come out, it seemed like the size/weight savings were not as large as I had hoped for compared to a dSLR.  Frankly, the strongest argument I could make (and I think it's still a good one) to purchase the camera was the Sony's high ISO noise performance and dynamic range of the sensor vs my Canon 5DSR.

Well these size/weight and native lens mount issues have turned into quite a healthy argument by a series of articles that explore just these hesitations and are written by folks that have far more actual experience with these cameras than me (as I have never so much as touched the A7RII). If you haven't seen these, they make for quite interesting reading and so I thought it would be worthwhile to post links to them.

First we have the article that expresses my concerns entitled "Why Sony's Full Frame Pro Mirrorless Was A Fatal Mistake" by Sator.  After that came the rebuttal entitled "In Defense Of Sony's Pro Mirrorless Cameras" by Andrea P.

Who is right? Well, I don't think there is a right and wrong. Ultimately I think it depends on what you expect out of the camera and what its intended use is. As for me, I don't plan to purchase it and will chug along with my fabulous 5DSR and an array of Canon lenses. I am interested in what the Canon 5D Mk IV will bring though!