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The TK Actions Panel

I have been using the TK Actions Panel in Photoshop for many, many years. It is a Photoshop extension panel that easily automates image processing using luminosity masks. In the earliest versions generating luminosity masks is about all it did, but as each version has progressed it has taken on more and more functionality. The TK Actions Panel version 7 has just been released by Tony Kuyper (hence the TK), and, as has always been the case with each new release, Tony adds more and more functionality, improvements and speed.

I use the panel extensively in Photoshop. I won’t say I use it on every image, but I will say that I use it when processing the majority of my images. It is one of the most indispensable Photoshop plug-in type tools that I own.

I could describe it further, but I think the best description and demonstration comes from Tony Kuyper or photographer Sean Bagshaw’s website. In addition, Sean has some excellent video tutorials on its advanced use.

I have absolutely no connection with either Tony or Sean. I don’t know them personally, I am not an ‘affiliate’, and I have no financial arrangements with them. I am only a very satisfied customer and have been for many years.

If you use Photoshop and are intermediate or advanced in your skills I can’t recommend this product highly enough. I suggest you check it out!

by Howard G

© Howard Grill