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Quick Quotes: Guy Tal

The point of living a creative life - rather than just engaging in creative pursuits on occasion - is not merely to produce aesthetically pleasing artifacts, but to bind one's creative work and living experience as two dimensions of the same life in all its details, always unfolding and evolving in parallel. 

Guy Tal

The photographs - mine and others - that I consider most favorably are not those that merely serve as visual trophies for enduring some difficulty or experiencing a stroke of good luck, nor those relying entirely on interest and aesthetics inherent in the things photographed. Rather, they are those photographs that express a photographer's passion for - and harmony with - the life they live and the things that make such a life better and elevated in their own mind: not photographs of objective things, but photographs about subjective things.

Guy Tal

I thought these two quotes from Guy Tal's recent LensWork monograph offered quite a bit to think about in terms of how to breathe life into one's photographs.