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Reflections From Callaway Gardens

Something just draws me to photographing trees. I am sure it has to do with their graphic lines and shapes and the idea of making order out of chaos by isolating portions of the trunk and branches.

While at Callaway Gardens photographing with friends (the same trip on which I made the 'Butterfly and Texture' image), I was making photos of a scene from a wooden bridge. I saw this bare tree reflected in the water and had the idea of making a 'tree abstract' where one isn't entirely sure what orientation they are seeing.

The image is of a portion of a tree on land at the top, with the bottom of the photo consisting of its reflection in a stream. The original image was obviously in color, but I thought the black and white treatment brought out the lines and shapes that enticed me to make the photo in the first place.

Reflections    © Howard Grill

Reflections    © Howard Grill