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Lately I have been working with textures a bit more. "Texturizing" is a process whereby a texture is blended into a photograph using Photoshop or other image editing programs. It can transform a photo into another form of artwork that may appear more painterly, surreal, or dreamlike.

This image is one I took about ten years ago and have never done much with (OK, truth be told, if you look really closely the focus is a bit off - that's why it sat :) I decided to play around with it a bit using textures.


The straight photograph    © Howard Grill


I ultimately decided to blend the photo with this texture. I actually ended up blending it twice, using different blend modes (see the screenshot of my Photoshop layers).

The texture

The texture


Several adjustment layers layer this is what emerged. To me it has a different mood and feel than the original image and I actually prefer this version.


Photo plus blended texture    © Howard Grill


Below is a peek at some of the layers and adjustments used to achieve the final result.

by Howard G

© Howard Grill