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Homewood Cemetery, Pittsburgh

I live not too far away from two local historic cemeteries and a short car ride from a third. Though I have always found them to be interesting, I always hesitated to make photographs walking through them.  I guess it always made me a bit uncomfortable because I wasn't sure if it was disrespectful in any way. Then a friend of mine (you know who you are) explained some things to me that convinced me that it really was OK as long as the photos were respectful.....maybe even a positive for those that have passed by bringing their existence to light again.

And so I gingerly started taking some photos.  Making photos in these cemeteries is something I would like to explore further. Below is the name of the East End Cemetery carved into a concrete entry.


Entrance Marker, East End Cemetery, Pittsburgh, PA  ©Howard Grill


Will the person who rests here ever be remembered?

Forgotten Grave, Homewood Cemetery, Pittsburgh, PA      © Howard Grill

It seems like there are images to be made, that while somewhat limited in scope, have the potential to be fairly emotional.  It is something I plan to explore and see what I can come up with.