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Dry Those Cryin' Eyes

Last week I decided to take a 'photo walk' around my neighborhood. It's not something that people around here do much, so you get some funny looks! I have done it once or twice before, but never really come home with much that really captivated me from a photographic standpoint. But as I was walking around, I passed a large mural that I had walked by many time before.  I had even taken some photos of it in the past. But I had never seen this before, though it must certainly have been there.

The plaster or stucco had some 'globs' that had run down the vertical wall right over the eye and cheek of a man in the mural and made it look as if the eye was crying. It must have been that way for some time as the globs were painted over, but the way the sunlight was hitting it on this particular day accentuated the line of tears, which seemed to be glistening. 



"Dry Those Cryin' Eyes"    © Howard Grill


It wasn't painted with that intent and in the scene the man certainly wasn't crying. And if the mural, which was the width of the small parking lot, was looked at from a standard viewing distance to see it in its entirety this certainly wasn't visible at all, as the eye was just a tiny part of the whole. It was only when I walked right up to it and started looking at small abstract pieces of the whole that the man started crying.

Maybe he only cries at a certain time of day during certain seasons, when the sun hits the plaster in just the right way. Another example of the saying that 'you haven't really seen something until you have photographed it'.

by Howard G

© Howard Grill