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In Camera Multiple Exposures

One of the nice features that are on recent Canon cameras, including the 5DsR that I purchased, is the ability to do in-camera multiple exposures. I believe that this ability has been present since the 5D MkIII (and way longer if you are a Nikon owner), but, since my prior camera was the MkII, that was a creative option I never had. Sure, it is something I could have accomplished in Photoshop, but the spontaneity of the whole thing in-camera is something that I find interesting and more akin to the feel of shooting multiple exposures on film.

So I think it will be fun to experiment and play a bit with this option as a creative tool. The image below is one of the first ones that I have made and was taken on my recent trip to Michigan's Upper Peninsula. The leaves did finally start to show nice color the day before we left!


This is certainly not the greatest multiple exposure, but it does get my creative juices going a bit and makes me wonder what interesting images could be made by combining multiple images into one frame.