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Moraine State Park; The Many Moods Of Lake Arthur

I have written many times (for example here, here, and here among others) about mornings at the 528 Boat Ramp in Moraine State Park and how most of them turn out to be rather unexciting, but that every so often spectacular things happen. A few weekends back, I was at 528 for what turned out to be the most magnificent morning I have seen there in years. The image below was made before the sun actually rose and demonstrates that the 'best' colors can often be captured during the hour before sunrise actually occurs. Plus, because the sun has not yet risen, the contrast is lower, allowing details to be well captured in both highlights and shadows.

Foggy Morning Sunrise Over Lake Arthur    © Howard Grill

That morning was also a great example of how quickly the light and conditions can change. Believe it or not, the image above was made only minutes before this one which I recently posted.

Lake Arthur Sunrise    © Howard Grill

Lake Arthur Sunrise    © Howard Grill

You have to be prepared and move quickly when the light is changing rapidly. I have other photos that I have not yet processed from that morning that are also 'keepers'.  If only all the mornings I woke up early were like that........