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The Rule Of Thirds

I think the "Rule of Thirds" ought to be called the "Guideline Of Thirds".  It is certainly a good 'rule' to keep in mind and most often gives very pleasing results.  But to call it a rule implies that nothing good will ever come from breaking it.  A guideline is, well, a guideline.  Something to be considered and used when appropriate, which is not always. 

The "Rule of Thirds" says that the strip of land at the bottom of this image should take up the entire bottom third of the photograph. But when making the photo (this was one from my trip to the Palouse last spring), I found myself thinking about what the image was really about.  It was really about the sky.  So I made it about the sky and left only a thin strip of land at the bottom in order to 'ground' the photo.  Rule broken.  For the better in this case, at least I think so!


Palouse Sunset


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