Motivation is a photography blog that discusses the creative aspects of photography. The posts will include thoughts about images and their interpretation, photographers and their work, technique, workflow, my ongoing projects, and perhaps even the occasional off topic rant.


I often have ideas for several photographic projects floating around in my mind. Sometimes the idea comes first and I have not yet made any photos that would fit it. Other times the idea comes after I have made a series of photos, when it suddenly occurs to me that I might have the start of a small project without having planned it. 

Such is the case with this cactus photo processed in black and white. This is the first photograph I have chosen to process from a small series of cactus images I already have taken.

Euphorbia species of cactus

I will simply have to see if I am able to make and process enough photos of this subject to actually put together a full portfolio. Time will tell!