Motivation is a photography blog that discusses the creative aspects of photography. The posts will include thoughts about images and their interpretation, photographers and their work, technique, workflow, my ongoing projects, and perhaps even the occasional off topic rant.

A Website Update

In September, I updated and totally redesigned my website.  There are several new items that I added, but they are buried within some of the drop-down menus, so, since this is my blog, I thought I would give them a shameless little plug :)

There are a few new menu items hidden under the mysterious "Etc" drop-down menu:

1) Free desktop wallpaper for your computer.  You want it; it's yours to download and use.  If your monitor has a different resolution than the ones I have listed just let me know and I will add your resolution to the list.

2) Print Of The Month.  A different print each month at half-price.  If you see something you like go ahead and grab it because prints will only be a "Print Of The Month" once.

3) Blog Subscribe And Search.  This is a quick way to scan the titles of recent posts and to search back for posts over the last....yikes, have I really been posting since January of 2007??? You can subscribe to the blog from here or from the subscription link at the end of each post. When I redid my website I, unfortunately, lost my over 1000 subscribers because the blog URL had to change.  I now have 60.  You other 940....I know you are out there LOL!

4) Want to know what additions have been made to the website at a glance.  They get listed on the "What's New" page so you can know where to go for the new stuff.

5) Articles - Yeah, I know that was on the old site, but I plan on adding some new material soon!

6) After long last, I sent out my very first Newsletter recently and am planning for more in the future.  Want in?  Sign up here.

And finally......

7) My Carrie Furnace Portfolio is not only posted as a complete project, but also as a series for those that are just interested in the images that have audio content. this post was just a big plug for some of the new material on the website.....but, hey, I do that very rarely and just wanted to tell folks about some of the new offerings.

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