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Old Images; New Projects

Every so often it is a worthwhile endeavor to review your old, unprocessed photos to see what is lurking there that you may have missed.  When you go back at a much later date you sometimes see things differently and with a fresh eye.  In my case, I also let a lot of images go unprocessed just because of a lack of time coupled with the fact that I might not have been thinking of a specific use or project that the image might fit into. Having recently embarked on my little project of putting together a series of black and white botanical images, I thought that it might be worthwhile going through some of my older flower images that I never processed.  I found some that are, in my opinion, worthy of addition to the series.

This is the first one that I have uncovered on the old hard drives that I thought worthy of processing. Old images can be definitely be useful additions to new projects.

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