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The Orchid Show

During the winter, when it is just too darn cold out, I frequently go to the botanical garden near my home on Sunday mornings to make photographs. Most of the time the displays are pretty static except, of course, for what happens to be in bloom at the time. But several times a year they have special shows......a winter flower show, a sping flower show etc.  Well, last weekend was the opening of their "Orchid and Bonsai Show".  I have always liked orchids, 'the most sensual of all flowers'.  In fact, at one point I used to raise them in a growing room I had constructed in my basement. But I had always found it a bit difficult to make photographic compositions that did them justice beyond a straight 'this is what it looks like' shot.  This last weekend, during the show opening, I did get several orchid photos that I am pleased with. And, of course, I tried to move some into my ongoing black and white botanical project.

Cattleya Orchid

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