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I recently returned from a very nice vacation.  We decided to go to Seattle, which we had never been to before, and to Orcas Island, an island in the San Juan archipelago that is off the coast of Washington and near the Canadian border.  This was to be a vacation for me and my photography, because when you are like me (and I presume like many that read this blog) photographing can get a bit distracting when you are on the go with someone who is not a photographer.  So this vacation was photography free.  But, hey, you have to have your iPhone with you!  So, though I am not of the ilk that does a lot of artistic iPhone image processing, it was still fun to have that miniature camera with you all the time.....even if it isn't 'serious' image making. The photo below was taken at Kubota Gardens in Seattle, which we stopped at on our way back from the island to the airport.

Changing Tones

iPhone Image

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