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I am taking a little blogging break until New Year's Day, but wanted to write very quickly about my experience with audio.  In my last post, I mentioned that I was experimenting with audio clips for the project that I have been working on.  Like anything else, it can certainly be time consuming to do well.  And while I am not trying to produce 'professional' audio I am still, nonetheless, trying to do it well. So a few tips......

Rather than spend big bucks on a digital audio editing program try downloading Audacity for free.

As tempting as it may be to do so, no one ever warned me not to touch the audio recorder to make sure it is working once the recording has begun (perhaps less important if there is an external microphone).  It picks up every touch as a sound.

The new digital recorders are sensitive and will pick up.....someone washing dishes in the kitchen, the tags on your cat walking by, leaves rustling or crunching underfoot.  Just like the little pieces of 'stuff' that can creep into the edges of your image, so too can extraneous sounds creep into your recording that you never noticed during the session but become painfully evident when listening.....sort of like the telephone pole emerging from your friend's head in a photo.

However, depending on who or what the subject is, the addition of audio can add quite a bit of 'depth' to an image.