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New Family Member

I am interrupting the blog to report that we now have a new family 8 week old kitten! It was adopted from a nearby shelter, having been raised by a foster family until it was big enough to move in with someone permanently. We don't quite have a name for her yet. She was named Nile by the family that was raising her, but I think we are going to rename her. I am voting for Cleo (as in Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile), but we will see what the kids decide.

It is unbelievable how small she is....reminded me of bringing my kids home from the hospital that first time. My oldest was holding the transport box ever so gently, carefully and flat while we were bringing her out to the car....I told him "well, now you sort of know what it was like the first time I brought you home in the car!".

Just a quick break from photography for the announcement...and yes, I know the picture is blurry. It was taken by my wife, via cell phone from the shelter.