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The Creative Digital Darkroom

I love Photoshop books. I've got tons of them. But, other than the requisite book explaining how to use the new features when an upgrade to Photoshop comes out, I have pretty much stopped buying them. For some time, I haven't found any books that seem to be directed to a true intermediate to advanced level, and most of them seem to rehash the same old things. At the most, I found that I could get some interesting tidbits from continued book purchases, but generally would have to wade through a good deal of the same old stuff to get just wasn't time effective.

On somewhat of a lark, I recently made my first Photoshop book purchase in some time, entitled The Creative Digital Darkroom. The reviews of the book seemed to indicate that it was for intermediate to advanced users and I decided to give it a whirl, despite the fact that I had heard that before. After all, this one was by Katrin Eismann and Sean Duggan, and if you can't give a book by Katrin Eismann a chance, whose book can you give a chance to?

Well, it turns out that it is superb! To be honest, I have not yet finished reading it....but that is only because I am going through it slowly and carefully. Even the 'basic' review portion has lots of tidbits that are useful, including various techniques that I hadn't know about and which I have already put into use. Going through the book, I can see that there is a good deal more information that will be put into use. This text really is directed to the intermediate to advanced Photoshop user.

If you haven't bought a Photoshop book for some time (and even if you have), do yourself a favor and have a look at The Creative Digital Darkroom. This one is four thumbs up!

by Howard

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