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Sometimes, when reviewing your images, you can detect a subtle, or not so subtle, underlying interest. By this I mean detecting a way of looking at things that you might not even have been conscious of at the time you took the photograph. These underlying currents need not be manifest in the serious 'fine art' type of images that you put in your portfolio, they may just be apparent in the 'stuff' that you shoot for fun. I am referring to what comes out when you are shooting playfully to see if you can make images that you find interesting yourself, without necessarily having plans to show them to others.

So what did I find for myself when I was glancing through my images, which is obviously what motivated me to write this post?

It was apparent that I like discovering and portraying the graphic patterns in nature:

Tree Reflections
Copyright Howard Grill

Sand Pattern
Copyright Howard Grill

Mushroom Macro
Copyright Howard Grill

Take a look at a series of your own shots. Do any subjects or themes come to mind when you aren't shooting seriously?