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Unencumbered By The Gravity Of It All, Pt II

A few days back I wrote about going out to photograph with my seven year old daughter using a cheap point and shoot camera and not worrying about 'making good images'. That post was entitled "Unencumbered By The Gravity Of It All". Recently, Heather added a comment saying, among other things:

"Kudos for sharing this amazing world with your daughter. I'd like to see some of her photos!"

Hey, I can do that!

I thought that after yesterday's post "Portraying The Unthinkable", something a little lighter would be in order. So, here is a selection of my daughters images from the trip described in the original "Unencumbered" post. They are taken straight from the camera with dad adding just a quick touch of sharpening for the web. I present Nature, as seen through the eyes of a seven year old armed with mom's point 'n shoot:

Oh, and by the way, Heather, if you are out there reading this, I tried to e-mail you a few weeks back but the e-mail got returned to me as undeliverable.