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LensWork: A Journal, Not A Magazine

If you have a passion for photography, or, for that matter, any artistic medium, and do not read LensWork magazine, I would highly recommend that you stop reading this post for a moment (yes, it's that important :>) and visit this page of the LensWork website instead.....but please do come back!

LensWork is a magazine (actually, journal sounds like a better word, as a magazine sounds like something you throw away, and you won’t) that deals purely with the creative aspects of photography.

What you won't find:

Equipment reviews
How-to articles
Technique articles

What you will find:

Articles about creativity and the creative process
Wonderful black and white photographic portfolios (usually three or four per issue)
Cutting humor (c’mon, you know it’s there….Bill Jay’s endnotes, what a great way to end each issue!)
Ideas worth thinking about and discussing

In my opinion, it is simply the best photography journal available today. I look forward to the arrival of each and every issue and can say with total honesty that I read it, literally, from cover to cover. My only complaint is that I wish it were published even more frequently than every other month. It is a bargain at any price.

By the way, take a look at LensWork Extended as well. It is a multimedia extension of the magazine with extended portfolios, interviews with the photographers, exceptional video presentations and articles that are not in the print version. When I first purchased Extended, I wondered if it would be repetitious paired with the print version. Trust me, it is not. It is a whole additional experience that, again, would be worthwhile at many more times the actual cost.

LensWork, the journal as well as the Extended Version, will keep you thinking and open your mind to new possibilities. I don’t know of any better compliment that one can give to a magazine, er.....journal.