Elbows - The Carrie Furnace

In the pipe-fitters shop at the Carrie Furnace there were shelves of unused elbow pipes, as seen in this photograph, that had been lying there since the late 1970s.


In a dark unlit room that had been the pipe-fitters shop, I ran across a rack of three shelves filled with these 'elbow pipes' that looked as if no one had touched them since the plant closed in 1978. There they were, just waiting for someone to stick their hand in, grab one, and make good use of it.

It was so dark in the room that I had to frame up what I guessed might be a nice composition, make a long exposure, and see what the results looked like on the LCD of the camera. Then I kept making adjustments until I came up with a composition that seemed to 'work'.

Elbow pipes found in the pipe-fitters shop at the Carrie Furnace.