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Entrance To Another Universe

About a week or two ago it was warmer than usual here and so I went out to make photographs (I hate the cold). As is typical for this time of year in Western Pennsylvania, the sky was totally gray despite the warmer temperatures. I ended up going to a local nature reserve that has a large pond, thinking that maybe I would find something interesting there.

Well, the light was uninspiring in terms of making landscapes, but I did find reflections of the bare trees in the water of the pond that looked pretty interesting to me. When I showed them to a friend the comment was made that they looked like an entrance to another universe or dimension. That comment really stuck with me and so, while processing them, I decided to make them just that in my mind.

Welcome to an alternative universe:


Tree Reflections    © Howard Grill


There is also an entrance to this strange place in black and white:


Tree Reflections In Black And White    © Howard Grill