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New eBook - Photographs And Poems

The Floral Forms eBook

The Floral Forms eBook

I am pleased to announce that I have recently completed another eBook! The Floral Forms eBook is a book of photographs and poetry that is a collaboration between myself and and writer/poet Michelle Levasseur. 

I 'met’ Michelle and discovered her poetry on Google Plus. She wrote poems to accompany her photographs. Her words added meaning to her images, peeling away their outer context and enhancing them. I was a fan of her poetry and she was a fan of my photography. We commented on each oth­er’s work. A collaboration seemed appropriate. One of the wonders of the internet is that we were able to carry on the collaboration without ever meeting, as I live in the eastern portion of The United States and she lives in the western portion of Canada!

The 24 photographs in the eBook are from my "Botanicals In Black And White Portfolio" in which I concentrate on the easily overlooked forms, lines, and shapes of flowers.  These qualities are much more evident in black and white than in color.

Michelle has written 24 poems, each one as an emotional response to a specific image.  Her heartfelt and passionate poetry adds depth and meaning to the photos.  As I read each poem, it became clear to me how the words were joined to and specific for each individual photograph.

I am offering the 60 page eBook with all 24 images in high resolution along with the 24 poems for $2.99.  That's right, less than the cost of your morning a matter of fact, it might make for some pretty cool reading to go along with that latte, as it is also formatted for mobile devices! Click here for more information; just scroll down to Floral Forms or click here to purchase.

As a 'teaser', here is a sample from the book:


A whirlpool of dancers

Chaotic, hypnotic

Mating in shadow

Meeting in the shade of now


See me, see you

Through a gauzy veil

The haze of numb love

As the silent dancers tumble and turn us

Like leaves in the wind

We move to that silent beat



Savor the sudden lull

The quieted breath held

Hear whispers, dulled roars

A heartbeat begins to fill our souls, fire our spirits

A beat that lives elsewhere

A beat from the outside




Photo Copyright Howard Grill

Poem Copyright Michelle Levasseur


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