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A Request ........ And A Freebie

A note a blog subscriber recently sent me made me realize that some folks think that subscribing to this blog via email means that they are on the mailing list for my newsletter as well. Maybe I set things up wrong, but I didn't arrange things that way because I wanted to make sure that everyone on the newsletter list really wanted to be on it. Why? Because I hate getting spam and certainly don't want to spam anyone else either.  So, the facts:

  • I only send out my newsletter a couple of times a year and it typically has information about interesting photographic topics, links to sites of interest, information about some of the things I have been working on, and often some discounts or freebies. If you like my blog, I think you would enjoy my newsletter as well.
  • If you would like to be on my newsletter email list please sign up here.  
  • As part of my appreciation for your signing up, I would like to send new subscribers a free copy of my Carrie Furnace eBook. You can find out more about this 63 page book filled with photos and audio content right here.
  • Though I do use MailChimp to send out my newsletters, I don't use the expensive automated version, which means I will be manually sending you the link to download the Carrie Furnace eBook. So, while the link might not arrive in your email inbox within the hour, it should arrive within the day.
  • There are two separate email lists, one for the blog and one for the newsletter.
  • By the way, if you would like to sign up just for the blog posts by email, there is a link at the end of every post that lets you do just that. 

I would love for you to help me grow my newsletter and hope you enjoy the eBook if you do decide to sign up.  The one thing I can promise you is that MailChimp and I abide by the strictest anti-spam regulations. Double opt in, opt out at anytime by unsubscribing, and I never ever give your email address to anyone else for any reason.

The next post will return you to your regularly scheduled programming :)