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The Year Of 100 Rejections By Charles Chu

Lately I have been taking a number of on-line courses trying to learn new types of photo artistry techniques, learning to use flash, learning to make composites etc. And the one thing that rings true for learning and improving at all these things is that the improvement comes from the doing. Doing over and over and over again. Defining what you want to learn. Forming projects. Setting deadlines.

One of the best ways of describing the process comes from an article I read by Charles Chu, whose method for becoming a better writer is to plan to have his short stories get rejected 100 times during the next year.  The idea is that by the end of the year he will have done so much writing without being concerned about rejection that he won't be able to help but become a much better writer.  As he notes in his post:

'Ray Bradbury, most famous now for his novel Fahrenheit 451, once advised that writers write one short story a week. Why one story a week? Because “It’s not possible to write 52 bad short stories in a row.”'

Intrigued? it really is a great article about how to get better at anything really!

"The Year Of 100 Rejections".  It's a good and quick read that I wanted to share. And it pertains to photography as much as it pertains to writing fiction.