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Penelope Taylor's Infrared Blog

You can meet some great people on photography workshops! And on the last one I attended with John Barclay in Death Valley I met a whole slew of them, one of which is Penelope Taylor. Penelope is a great 'regular' photographer in her own right, but recently became totally intrigued and beguiled by infrared photography. So she went out and learned how to do it with a vengeance!

Her infrared images are different.  She plays off shadow and highlight in unique ways, as in her photograph below.  And all without the dark black sky with bright white clouds that are so typical of infrared. 

© Penelope Taylor

In addition she uses infrared for subjects that are not typically photographed this way. The image "Rogue Wave", seen below, could well have been photographed using the visual spectrum of light. Would it have looked the same? Honestly, I don't know. But I have seen the print of this image and the subtle range of tones and light are absolutely gorgeous.


"Rouge Wave"    © Penelope Taylor

Recently, Penelope has started a blog devoted to infrared photography as well as a Facebook page dedicated to her infrared work, and I plan to be a reader of both! If you are interested in seeing more of her infrared work you can read along as well at her Penelope Taylor Photography blog and her Facebook page. They will definitely be well worth many return visits!