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How To Fix An iPhone That Won't Charge

Yes, I know that this has nothing to do with photography......but it is a problem that I recently solved with both my phone as well as my son's, so I thought the solution that worked for me should also be available to others that might be having the same issue. And judging from my Google search, it is a problem that is not uncommon.

The problem I am referring to is when you plug the lightening connector into your iPhone to charge it and the phone doesn't indicate that it is charging until you wiggle the connector around or put pressure on it. Then, when you put the phone down, the charging indicator may or may not stay on, requiring you to wiggle or push the lightening connector in again. If you haven't had this problem you will have no idea what I am referring to; but if you have had this issue you know exactly what I mean!

Image Courtesy Of Salvatore Vuono At

Image Courtesy Of Salvatore Vuono At

As I searched the internet for a solution I cam up with several.....none of which worked for me. But they might work for you.  These solutions included blowing into the opening the connector plugs into in order to remove lint, trying a different cable (in case there is a crack in yours, as they do break easily), restarting the phone while connected to power, and resetting your phone while connected to power.

So what did the trick for me? First, let me say that my lawyer, if I had one, would tell me to say that this is not an officially supported solution and I take no responsibility for damages to self or phone and that this is to be done at your own risk.  Ok, now that that's out of the way let's move on to the solution that worked for me........

Take a paper clip and unbend a portion of it so that it is straight. Gently insert the straight end into the charging hub where the lightning connector would normally go. Advance it to the back of the port and then move it to the side of the port and while pressing on the side of the port pull it forward until it emerges. Now stand there and marvel and be amazed at how much crap comes out along with the clip even though you looked in there with a flashlight first and saw no dirt and even blew into the opening with all your might before you started (and nothing came out except maybe a few small flecks of lint). Do it a few times until the dust bunnies are gone.  Then repeat, this time pulling out the lint by pressing up against the opposite side of the charging port while you remove the paper clip.  Finally, loosen up some more by gently rubbing along the floor and ceiling of the port with the surface of the clip (not the point). This should be done really gently as you will feel the clip moving over the raised portions of the electrical connections that normally contact the lightening connector.

I think you will be amazed at how much lint can get compressed and hide in there.  I know I was. And once the port is cleaned out I found that the charger worked perfectly. I had to repeat the process a few months later. It is, of course, possible that my pockets are way dirtier than yours....but I doubt it!

Give it a try if you have the problem. Stop by and let me know if it worked for you.