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Life On The Road

Who doesn't have dreams (at least at certain times and at certain ages) about living a portion of their life traveling and experiencing the world. But, for how long? And for what reasons? What kind of life is it? It's pretty easy to think about the positives, but what are the negatives? There is a lot I could try to say about photographer Jimmy McIntyre's heartfelt and wonderful (I think so anyway) article entitled "Why I'm Giving Up Life On The Road". I found it a very interesting and worthwhile read and wanted to share it. I do find that I like his current idea of two week trips!   

Of course, seven years on the road is quite a long time and I would think that one probably has to give up such a lifestyle at some point in time and at some age, no matter how good the reasons for adventure are. So in many ways I take it as an article that would encourage me to travel were I younger. The tough thing is knowing exactly "when the party is over".