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The Science Of Colors In Autumn Leaves

Western Pennsylvania has some amazing fall color, generally speaking that is.  One of my friends and I had a week we had scheduled to take photographs of the usually dazzling fall color in our area.  But something seemed to go awry this year. It seems as if the color was not only muted, but also lacking in reds.  The yellows trended more towards the dryed out look and many of the trees seemed to have lost their leaves rather quickly.  And there seemed to be no progression.  There were patches of trees that contained trees that were still green and trees that were already bare in the same little area. I'm not complaining; we still had a great time and I was able to take some photos that I really is just that it was different from what we had been used to over the last severeal years.

This, of course, got me thinking about the parameters and processes that are involved with the development of fall colors in general and, more specifically, what factors play a role in the intensity of the display.

So here it is, and I thought I would share it.  Direct from the United States National Arboretum......"The Science Of Colors In Autmun Leaves". Definitely worth a read and nicely discussed in straightforward layman's terms!