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View Down The Youghiogheny


Print Of the Month Returns

It has been some time since I offered my "Print Of The Month" special. This was because of the demise of my Epson 7900 printer, my wait for the new Canon printer models to come out, and the time needed to become facile in the use of the new printer. I am pleased to announce that I now feel quite  comfortable' with the new printer and am truly pleased with the results I am getting, which in many ways I like more than the prior Epson. Which means I am ready to bring back my half priced "Print Of The Month". Click here for all the information.

For the return of "Print Of The Month" I offer this image, entitled "View Down The Youghiogheny", which I made just a few weeks ago. I was experimenting with long exposures in order to give the water, which is slow moving at this portion of the river, a blurred milky appearance. This one minute exposure was my favorite of the many photographs I made of this scene.

View Down The Youghiogheny    © Howard Grill

The Farmhouse

By Howard Grill A few days back, I mentioned that I had taken a week off to photograph fall colors in Western Pennylvania.   I also mentioned that this year was perhaps the least colorful that I can remember since having moved here.  But that won't stop me from posting some photos from the week.  This is from our first day out....the warm up phase, so to speak.

After two friends and I were shooting from the side of a rural road, the owner of this house drove out to us because he thought that perhaps our cars had broken down and he wanted to help.  When we told him that we were photographing the question (you can predict this one) was "Well, what are you taking pictures of"?  We explained we were taking pictures of the trees and fall color.  He looked a bit puzzled at that idea but was nice enough not only to offer us the unneeded car rescue, but also to invite us onto his property to photograph the trees and forest up a hill he owned.  By that time we were already starving and about to pack up for lunch (and didn't see any stupendous scenery around) so we thanked him heartlily for his kindness and went on our way.

Interestingly we picked a random and pretty isolated place for lunch.  It looked like it might be a dive and so it was with some trepidation that we went into Rachel's Roadhouse.  It turned out to be an absolutely fantastic place for lunch with great fresh cooked food and the inside looked like anything but a dive.  I would go back there in a heartbeat and the folks making comments on Trip Advisor seem to agree!