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Quick Quotes: David duChemin

“Comparison to others is the diet of a creative soul that’s dying on the inside. Comparing yourself to others will steal your voice, or so infect it with the desire to do what they’re doing, or do it like they’re doing , that the things that made your voice what it was in the first place will die of starvation”

David duChemin in The Visual Voce

I wanted to share this quote by David duChemin, which was said in relation to finding one’s personal artistic and photographic voice. It seems particularly apropos in this age of social media and ‘Instagram Influencers’. And it isn’t so much a statement about social media itself as it is about how we can use and abuse it (says the blogger with his social media links below the post - though I have been spending less time on general social media and focusing more on specific groups).

Also of interest is the short book by Trey Ratcliff entitled ‘Under the Influence - How to Fake Your Way into Getting Rich on Instagram: Influencer Fraud, Selfies, Anxiety, Ego, and Mass Delusional Behavior’ in which he exposes the ‘dark underbelly’ of Instagram. The book is available on Amazon and is a very interesting read.