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The Shots Never Processed

If you are anything like me, you have thousands of shots in your archives that have never been processed. There may be many reasons for this, though I suspect the two most common ones are i) there simply wasn’t enough time to process them or ii) it wasn’t recognized at the moment that the image was really pretty good. I suspect that even if I never made another photo I would have plenty to work with in my unprocessed archives to keep me busy for some time (though not making more photos is definitely not the plan).

I decided to take a trip into the archive and see how long it took before I found something that caught my eye. Something that I had never processed. I started with my Pittsburgh photos. It didn’t take very long to come across this 2015 photo that I took from Mount Washington.

I should really spend some more time going through my old photos.

How about you? Do you find that you have an archive that’s waiting to be looked at and might have some buried treasures?

Pittsburgh Dawn © Howard Grill

Pittsburgh Dawn © Howard Grill