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Lindy Point Overlook At Blackwater Falls State Park

In my last post, I wrote about my recent trip to Blackwater Falls State Park. One of the two main ‘tourist’ overlooks in the park is called Lindy Point Overlook. Say what one might about tourist photo spots, there are reasons why those particular locations have become ‘touristy’, and that is because they do often offer spectacular views. Lindy also offers the opportunity to make images with multiple different types of compositions, some of which I hope to share in future posts.

View From Lindy Point Overlook © Howard Grill

View From Lindy Point Overlook © Howard Grill

One thing that definitely can make a ‘tourist spot’ less ‘touristy’ is to photograph at times that most tourists aren’t there and to continue shooting after most of the tourists have left in order to catch more interesting light. I did a fair amount of that!