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Where I've Been: The Smokies

I recently returned from a very enjoyable trip to the Smoky Mountains with a group of my photography friends for a week of shooting. It really is a nice thing to get away and do something you love. Of course, it was a bit ironic that we left this year's persistent cold of Pittsburgh to arrive in Tennessee just in time for freezing temperatures down there. There were two days when we literally shot in hail and sleet. In fact, the roads to the upper elevations in the park were actually closed on the days we had scheduled to go there because of icy road conditions. 

Still, I went prepared with some heavier clothes and the wildflowers were in bloom. In the end, photographing with friends is a real treat no matter what the weather.

I haven't processed any of my photos yest, but while I was there I did take a few cell phone shots as well as a few moments of video here and there. How could you not enjoy being in a place like this, no matter what the weather?

by Howard G

© Howard Grill